How to Find Easy Keywords: Work Out How Competitive a Keyword is

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In this blog post, I’m going to show you how I find easy keywords and show you how I work out how competitive a keyword is in Google.

If you focus on easy keywords, then your website will rank faster in Google, and you will get Google traffic faster.

To use my method, you need to download Traffic Travis. It’s free with no catches. If you download it now, you can follow along with my instructions:

I use Traffic Travis V4. If you have an earlier version, I recommend that you download the latest version.

How to Use Traffic Travis to Find Easy Keywords

First, open up Traffic Travis.

how to find easy keywords

Next, click on the ‘SEO’ tab.

After this, click on the ‘Competition’ link in the sub-menu underneath the SEO tab.

In the ‘Keywords’ text box, type in the keyword you want to check. Select which search engine you want to analyze, and finally click ‘FETCH.’

Traffic Travis will automatically analyze whether a keyword is easy, medium or difficult to rank. It automatically works out how competitive a keyword is.

Repeat this process for as many keywords as you like, identifying which keywords you want to target.

Should I Go After Difficult Keywords?

Sometimes it can be tempting to go after a difficult keyword because it might get a lot of searches, or it might be precious.

The problem with going after difficult keywords is it is tough to rank for them.

I would only suggest going after medium or difficult keywords if you have a lot of experience in SEO and link building.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, I suggest going after easy keywords.

Medium-difficult keywords require a lot of work. You will probably invest more money into ranking for it than you will in how much money you make back.

You will rank faster for easier keywords, and you will make money faster.

How Can I Make Money From Easy Keywords? 

You can create a Google Adsense website. You should only focus on easy keywords for these websites.

You can create an affiliate website that focuses on bringing in traffic from easy keywords, and then promote affiliate offers to site visitors.

You can use this to find easy keywords that local businesses can target, and then use Traffic Travis to build backlinks to their site and improve their ranking. You can charge a fee for this service, and run your own SEO business.


Now, go ahead and find easy keywords to rank for and work out how competitive a keyword is.

I recommend that you download Traffic Travis:

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